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the opportunity

I see problems as opportunities. For African Mission Healthcare, they had an incredible organization that didn't have the social media presence they were looking for. Content creation was stagnant, engagement was low, and the opportunities were endless.

the solution

The solutions were multifaceted.



I designed custom illustrations for give aways, marketing materials, thank you cards, and photo books for major donors.

Social Media Content:

When it came to social media presence. I focused on two main things: Quality & Consistency. 

I began creating a content campaign surrounding the values of the organization. This included custom graphics, carefully selecting images, crafting meaningful captions, creating reels, and designing engaging story content.

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My goal is to create visually coherent content that engages audiences, aligns with the organizations mission, and increases their reach. The results speak for themselves.


"We really enjoy working with Mia. She makes a wonderful contribution to AMH, and we welcome her energy, creativity, and passion as we work together to benefit the many people we serve."

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